A Book and A Cocktail

3 Bitchin' Babes Spitting the Truth

Episode Summary

Food. Booze. Super Tuesday. Don't get us started, it's a volatile combination!

Episode Notes

Gretchen starts us off with the collective biography What She Ate: 6 remarkable women and the food that tells their stories by Robin Shapiro and is drinking the Gin and Sin; Penny tells us about the novel Beginners Guide to Freefall by Andy Abramowitz but she's really passionate about Manhattan's and relates the sad tale of the terrible, horrible, very bad, Manhattan that she recently had in a restaurant. She goes on to sharing the basics of making a Manhattan worth drinking; Michaela tells us about the Urban Fantasy novel Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison and, since she's also drinking a Manhattan, joins the spirited discussion of how to make a good one!

Join us!