A Book and A Cocktail

EP49_Cozy up with cats and swashbucklers!

Episode Summary

Our books will help to keep you entertained through the long and cold winter nights!

Episode Notes

This week we have some wide ranging topics and a couple of mocktails that will work when you have guests who don't drink or if you are having a dry January. Michaela tells us about a country that embraces relaxation with The Little Book of Hyggee by Meik Wiking and is drinking a Pom/ginger Mockspritz; Gretchen enchants us with The Traveling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa and is drinking a Watership Down the Hatch; and Penny brings us those swashbucklers that we all know and love with The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas and is warming the cold evening with a rum and cranberry Krupnikas. Join us!