A Book and A Cocktail

EP69_We're grateful for....

Episode Summary

We take a moment to think about the books and genres that we're grateful for.

Episode Notes

It's the time of year when we're encouraged to slow down and take time to embrace gratitude. In this episode, we take that advice to heart and think about books that have influenced us, changed our lives, and that we are just glad exist!! Michaela is grateful for autobiographies. Particularly autobiographies that are written by someone we know and love as a public figure. She narrows it down to two books: Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle and Over the Top by Jonathan Van Ness and is drinking a coffee with Creme de Cacao. Gretchen is grateful for JK Rowling and the series that had a huge impact on her personal and professional life, Harry Potter. Gretchen is feeling a bit under the weather and is drinking a medicinal Miss HoneyPenny. Penny closes out the episode telling us about the book that made her a reader, King of the Wind by Margaret Henry and is drinking a Horse's Neck. We're grateful for these books and we're also grateful to all the great authors and bar tenders who share their creativity with the world. Most importantly, we are grateful for each other and all of our faithful listeners!