A Book and A Cocktail

EP70_Classics to Cranberries

Episode Summary

Set aside the holiday hustle and join us for this wide ranging discussion!

Episode Notes

Trigger warning: our discussion about an author may be disturbing to some listeners.

We end 2019 with a little bit of everything. Penny starts us off by sharing the story of her yearly Christmas gifts of books, which included Katherine by Anya Season and is drinking the festive medieval concoction Wassail; Michaela discusses The Mists of Avalon, the Arthurian legend told from the eyes of the women behind the throne and is drinking Gypsy Cold Care tea (don't ask); and Gretchen tells us about the fabulous coming of age story Front Desk by Kelly Yang and is drinking a seasonal cranberry Negroni. It's an episode of great story telling and delicious cocktails, perfect for this time of year!

We'll be back in January. Happy whatever you celebrate!!!